Altar Servers

The ministry of Altar Servers is open to boys and girls of the Parish who show an interest in serving at the altar during Mass and other Parish liturgical celebrations. They assist the priest by holding the prayer book, setting and cleaning the altar and handing the priest the things they need during the Mass. Altar Servers participate fully in the Liturgy through prayer, song, and action. 

Contact: Angelo Pinterpe


Training is conducted for all current Altar Servers and any boy or girl 8-18 who would like to be an Altar Server.  During training, servers learn the duties they are to perform at Mass.

Ministering to The Church

During training, Altar Servers are told that this is their first ministry in the church. It affords them opportunities to become more involved in the church as well as instilling in them individual virtues. Altar Servers learn responsibility and organization.

Who Can Be an Altar Server?

Those boys and girls who wish to be altar servers must have completed second grade and have made his/her First Communion.

Time Commitment

Servers help prepare the table for Eucharist, and assist clearing the altar after services.  Being an altar server teaches promptness and preparation. Altar servers must arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled Mass time to prepare themselves and the altar for Mass.

St. Benedict’s will conduct two or three training sessions a year. Attendance at one of the training sessions is mandatory. All training sessions will take place in the parish offices.