Charity and Outreach

Mission Statement  -  To serve those in need locally, nationally, and globally.

Calendar of Activities - March - April 2017

Lenten Baby Shower

Lent begins March 1, 2017
You are invited to a Lenten Baby Shower. We are hoping to shower the Marian House Life Support Center (MHLSC) with gifts that we collect throughout Lent. MHLSC gives aid to struggling families. The Marion House needs clothing, baby equipment, blankets, diapers, baby formula, baby food, maternity clothing, and layettes.

The Birthday Buddies program is for older children. The children get to 'shop' for a new toy and a new item of clothing on their birthday. Marion House also provides the children with some school supplies. Any of these items would be greatly appreciated. We have really surprised the MHLSC with our generosity in the past.

Thank you for your help.

Food Basket Dates

Food Basket prep is held on Friday evening at 5:30pm at the Parish House.
Food Basket pick-up is held Saturday morning from 9am - 11am at the Parish House.


Easter - April 16, 2017
Easter Food Basket prep April 7, 2017
Easter Food Basket pick-up April 8, 2017

Quilters and blanket makers are welcome to share their talents.

“Your little church does things that bigger churches don't do.” ~Quoted from a food basket recipient

St. Benedict's Giving Tree Christmas 2015 - Thank You For Your Generosity

Thanks to all those who donated to the St. Benedict's Giving Tree this year.   50 pairs of pajamas and 55 books were collected to be donated to the Pajama Program.   These items were delivered to two organizations in the Colorado Springs area to be given to children in need.   Thanks again for your generosity!!

Feeding The Community

 Seeking to meet the needs of all in the Falcon Area

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter Outreach Events

  • Provide complete Dinner (Ready to Cook) for up to 30 households.
  • Coordinate with Knights of Columbus to distribute winter coats free to children in the community.
  • Provide wrapped Christmas presents for children 17 and under.


Maintain St. Benedict Food Pantry
Available to anyone who asks.

Do you know of a local family that needs a food basket from our Parish? 

St. Benedict’s strives to be a Parish that serves others. 

Help us find those families in need.

Thank You to all our parishioners have given food during and after Mass! 

Please bring in non-perishable food items for the food baskets.

Have your child choose their favorite food or snack to give to a child in a family that otherwise would not have that item in their pantry.

  • Put an extra can of tuna or jar of peanut butter in your cart when you shop.
  • Purchase items in bulk.
  • Rice, flour and sugar are staples every household needs.
  • Tomato products, beans, pasta, soups, and cereal are always needed in our pantry.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

 You Give Them Something





























  • Keep track of names and contact information for those helped who desire to remain on the list
  • Add new families and individuals in need
  • Arrange for food distribution to those requesting year-round


  • Dinner Baskets at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter
  • Age and gender appropriate Christmas gifts
  • Collecting Boxes

Assembly and distribution of Dinner Baskets

  • Assembly on Friday evening before holiday
  • Distribution on Saturday Morning before holiday
  • Those receiving can pickup at Parish House
  • Some folks may need delivery
  • Gift Shopping and wrapping at Christmas

Food Pantry Items


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