Finance Council

Stewardship of God’s Gifts 

Individual households in the parish are called on to steward wisely the gifts they receive from God.  St. Benedict Parish is responsible for doing the same with the gifts of time, talent, and treasure it receives from our parishioners.

The  mission of the St. Benedict Finance Council is to assist the Parish Director in supporting the goals of the various Parish Councils and Ministries of St. Benedict Parish through forward-looking financial planning, prudent budgeting and exercising due diligence on proposed and ongoing expenditures. The Finance Council will protect the financial assets of the parish by providing investment oversight and expense review/approval and by assuring adherence to applicable policies, practices and procedures of the Diocese of Colorado Springs.

The St. Benedict Finance Council members are:


Financial Status Update

On June 16-17. 2018, the Finance Council presented an updated financial status, for the period of October 2017 through March 2018. A copy of the handout is available here.

A copy of the previous presentation, delivered to the parish on December 16-17, 2017, is available here.

Gratitude, Foster Our Connection to God

What is Gratitude? It is the foundation of all other virtues. It helps us focus on others rather than ourselves. It allows us to look at what we have rather than on what we don't have. It is transformational (helping us to move towards new and higher ways of being and relating) rather than conservational (encouraging us to hoard what we have, both spiritually and materially).

Offertory Counters

Parish volunteers count the weekly collection immediately following Sunday 9:00am Mass. Two counters are needed for each Mass. 

Are you interested in being an offertory counter? If so, we welcome your assistance. We have openings in our 2018 calendar year.  If you are interested in volunteering, visit our Offertory Counters page.