Growing in Faith

Eucharistic Adoration

On the third Saturday of each month, St. Benedict Parish has Eucharistic Adoration in the Parish House chapel from noon to 4:00pm.  What better way to deepen your relationship with Christ then by spending time in conversational prayer with him each month. 

Please contact Mary Preston to indicate which hour you will be there.


Ignite Your Catholic Faith Video Series

Watch the complete video series where Auxiliary Bishop Don Hying of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee discusses the Catechism of the Catholic Church and his views on God's importance and relevance in our lives.

Here's a snapshot of some of the topics:

   Does God Really Exist?
   What Should We Believe?
   Is the Bible True?
   Why Do I Need Church?
   Why Does Evil Exist?
   Are My Everyday Choices Important?
   Jesus is Everywhere. Why Church?

Watch the entire C4 series here


St. Benedict Prayer Group

On the table with the Holy Water and the Sunday Bulletins there is a prayer request book for anyone with a special intention of need. The member of our Prayer Group are provided this information via e-mail each week so that they can include these spiritual needs to their daily prayer.

If you would like to add your spiritual voice to the ministry of our Prayer Group, please contact Mary Preston or (719) 683-2178.


Sacraments 101

Do you want an introduction to one or more of the sacraments of the Catholic Church?Questions


Do you need a refresher course on a sacrament?

Check out the Sacraments 101 video series located here

Each of the Sacraments 101 videos gives you the basics about some aspect of one of the sacraments of the Catholic Church - in just a few minutes


Wednesday Morning / First Sunday Rosary

Parishioners join together to pray the rosary on Wednesday mornings and the First Sunday of the month, prior to Mass. Click here for more information.