Building for the Future


Have you had an opportunity to contribute the the Building for the Future campaign to build the UCCS Student Center? 

Attached is the latest giving totals for our Building for the Future capital campaign. Thanks to everyone for all your fantastic, positive effort!  We can see that the number of supporters is still growing which will allow for us to tell our college students just how much we support them.

Official construction on the property has begun! Asbestos mitigation on the old house has been complete and they have begun with some dirt work. We should have final approval for demo and foundation work from the city within the next few weeks.

While we have received some wonderful gifts, we are far from meeting our goal of at least 75% of all households in the diocese giving to this campaign.  Remember, every gift counts and makes a big difference.  Whether its $5 or $5,000, it all counts in a big way. 

Your contributions help build the future of our church. 

Visit the Building for the Future site for more information and your opportunity to contribute.