Gift Card (Scrip) Program

Earn Money for St. Benedict Catholic Church When You Shop In Person and Online

The St. Benedict Gift Card Program, also known as Scrip, is a fundraising program. Scrip turns everyday shopping into cash for St. Benedict Building Fund when families use retail gift cards to pay for everyday purchases instead of the usual credit / debit card or other money. To date, nearly $25,000 has been raised for St. Benedict Building Fund.

Shopping with gift cards is an easy way to support St. Benedict’s every time you shop. We offer a great variety of brands in addition to your weekly gas and grocery purchases. From dining and entertainment to home improvement and beyond, we have all your shopping needs covered! Buy gift cards from these best-selling national retailers

Check out all the local and national gift cards available on the Family Order Form

Visit the Scrip Facebook page for more information. You can even reload gift cards online.  What a time-saver!

Albertsons/Safeway offers reloadable gift cards.  Simply purchase an Albertersons/Safeway gift card then use cash, check, or a credit card to load your Albertsons/Safeway card prior to checking out with your purchases. 

NOTE: Albertsons/Safeway reloadable cards are available for purchase on most Sundays.  Also, due to the store acquisition/transition, if you previously purchased a Safeway reloadable gift card, you will need to purchase a new Albertsons/Safeway reloadable card. The cost of the card is $10. The card is loaded with $10, so the net cost to you is $0.  The benefit is that St. Ben's receives a portion of your purchase.

King Soopers replaced their reloadable gift card program with their Community Rewards program. If you have a Sooper card, you can select St. Benedict Catholic Church as the recipient of their community rewards.  For instructions, visit the King Soopers Rewards page

Are you interested in purchasing gift cards/scrip online?  Contact Dee Klein for the enrollment code and information.

Click here for examples of how St. Benedict parishioners earn personal rewards and contribute to St. Benedict’s Building Fund.

Do you ever miss a gift card/scrip ordering date due to being out of town?  You can always give your order early to anyone with the scrip program and your order and payment will be held until the ordering date. 

If you have any questions, Contact Dee Klein (719) 494-2204 or Gina Klimek (719)-505 8299